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Women's Health Specialist

Iffat Sadique, MD -  - Family Practice Physician

Prime Care Medical Group

Iffat Sadique, MD

Family Practice Physician & Primary Care Physician located in Brooklyn, NY & Queens, Jamaica, NY

Women's health needs can vary dramatically from those of men, which makes seeing a women's health specialist especially important. At Prime Care Medical Group, Dr. Iffat Sadique offers a comprehensive array of women's health services so women in Brighton Beach and Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY, and Queens, Jamaica, NY, can enjoy optimal health at every age.

Women's Health Q & A

What is Women's Health?

Women's health focuses on the unique needs of women, which can be very different from those of men. Women's health needs and risks change considerably with age, and having a physician who understands those needs and risks is essential for maintaining optimal health, even as hormone levels change over time. Women's health services include all the exams, screenings, tests, treatments and guidance that are aimed at helping women stay healthy from puberty through menopause.

What Happens During a Women's Medical Exam?

Medical exams for women's health include many of the same assessments as a “regular” physical exam, including measurements of weight and blood pressure and evaluations of the heart, lungs, ears and throat. In addition, the exam will include a clinical breast exam and a pelvic exam as well as a Pap test or HPV (human papillomavirus) test to check for possible signs of cervical cancer and viral infection. Screening recommendations will be made based on a woman's age and other risk factors to help women understand their disease risks and get preventive care to stay healthy. Additional guidance will be provided based on each woman's unique needs, including guidance regarding STD testing, fertility, pregnancy, and menopause.

How Can I Tell Which Medical Screenings Are Best For My Needs?

Medical screenings are determined by the patient's own risk factors (determined during the exam and from personal and family medical histories) and guidelines from medical agencies including the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. General recommendations include:

  • Routine blood pressure screenings performed each year
  • Cholesterol screening beginning at age 20
  • Pap testing or HPV testing performed every three to five years, from age 21-65
  • Annual clinical breast exam
  • Mammograms beginning at age 45
  • Colorectal cancer screening beginning at age 50
  • Bone Density Screening (also called DEXA) beginning at age 65

Other screenings will be recommended based on a woman's specific risk factors. Some women at increased risk for diseases will need screening more frequently or have screening beginning at an earlier age.

Accepted Insurances

Dr. Sadique accepts most major insurance plans. Co-pays and deductibles are collected at the time of service. Certain services provided at our clinics are not covered by insurance companies - requiring patients to pay in full for such services. Self-pay appointments are $40 plus fees for any blood work done. *Please note that the insurances accepted at each location vary. For a full list of insurances accepted at each clinic, click here.

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