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Immunizations Specialist

Iffat Sadique, MD -  - Family Practice Physician

Prime Care Medical Group

Iffat Sadique, MD

Family Practice Physician & Primary Care Physician located in Brooklyn, NY & Queens, Jamaica, NY

Immunizations provide important resistance to diseases for both children and adults. At Prime Care Medical Group, Dr. Iffat Sadique offers an array of vaccinations aimed at helping patients in Brighton Beach and Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY and Queens, Jamaica, NY, avoid serious diseases and enjoy optimal health and wellness at every age.

Immunizations Q & A

How Do Immunizations Work?

While we develop immunity to some diseases before or shortly after birth, the immune system wasn't designed to “automatically” fight off all types of diseases. Immunizations were developed to strengthen the immune system by triggering the development of antibodies, special immune system cells that fight off diseases. Vaccines use very tiny amounts of disease germs to stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies that can destroy these germs in the future if the patient comes in contact with them.

I had Vaccines As A Child; Do I Still Need Them As An Adult?

Yes; a few vaccines can provide lifetime immunity to certain diseases, but most require “booster” immunizations to ensure they remain effective. What's more, some vaccines are designed specifically for adult patients (like the shingles vaccine), and other vaccines have been introduced in recent years, which means patients who were vaccinated as children did not receive these immunizations. Other vaccines like the flu are designed to be given on a regular basis throughout adulthood.

Can Vaccines Cause Illness?

No, vaccines use very tiny amounts of a germ to stimulate the immune response, and in most vaccines, these germs are inactive or “dead.” Sometimes, a vaccine can cause a patient to experience mild fever, achiness or other “flu-like” symptoms, but these occur as part of the body's natural responses as it builds up antibodies to fight the disease. A few patients can have allergic reactions to vaccines, especially those made using animal products like eggs. It's important to mention any existing allergies to the doctor prior to receiving a vaccine so another form of the vaccine can be provided.

How Can I Tell Which Vaccines I Need?

Medical associations maintain lists of recommended vaccines for patients of different ages and who have different risk factors. Some businesses and schools also have immunization requirements, and vaccines may also be required for travel to certain destinations where specific diseases are prevalent. Prime Care Medical Group remains up-to-date with all vaccine recommendations to help patients receive the most appropriate immunizations for their needs.

Accepted Insurances

Dr. Sadique accepts most major insurance plans. Co-pays and deductibles are collected at the time of service. Certain services provided at our clinics are not covered by insurance companies - requiring patients to pay in full for such services. Self-pay appointments are $40 plus fees for any blood work done. *Please note that the insurances accepted at each location vary. For a full list of insurances accepted at each clinic, click here.

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